Pablo was framed for murder.

The policy fluctuated between two opinions.

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What's up with you and him?

Are we ready to eat?

New Horizons was launched in 2005.

What fills the heart, will flow over from the mouth.

You should bring her to dinner so we can get to know her better.

Loukas taught Jochen to paint.

Looking out of the window, I saw a man standing near the door.

I can only tell you what I know.

I think I made a nasty crack about women.

How many meals do you eat a day?

Kinch made an excuse for being late.


You're relaxed.

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He had said nothing during the debate.

She resembles that actress.

Isabelle probably knows more than he's telling us.

We invited them for dinner.

There's a swimming pool and a bowling alley.

Life lies a slow suicide.

I would just like to say one thing.

At the present time, she is a yoga instructor.

Saying is quite different from doing.


Her mediation put an end to our quarrel.


I'll keep it with me.


Kylo says he has no regrets.

I can't go to the police with this.

His sad story touched my heart.


We went downstairs to have breakfast.

We all find them.

The mass of people are against the plan.

I can read German, but I can't speak it.

I look forward to your comments on the report.


Anything will do.

I cannot smell this perfume. I would sneeze.

You danced wonderfully tonight.

Wilson has a nasty cut on his leg.

His father was a railway worker.


The house on the corner is ours.


Hatred breeds hatred.

Anybody can solve that problem.

We're looking for someone to teach French to our kids.

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I haven't done anything wrong.

He slipped into the bad habit again.

If something goes wrong, you should attend to it at once.

Penny got there long after we did.

What could possibly go wrong?

We all suspect him of murder.

Students asked many questions at his lectures.


Isn't it a bit unnerving that doctors call what they do 'practice'?

I wonder if you understand.

Seeing something in a different context than the accustomed one can be surprising.

"John Doe" is a nickname for an anonymous person.

CEO's of American corporations are paid several times their Japanese counterparts.

I don't need to convince them.

Nobody likes losing.


The henhouse caught fire, but the chickens escaped.

This medicine may aid his recovery.

They each have a piece of the puzzle.

Why don't you help him out?

I just hate to see Norman lose.

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Are you sure you didn't recognize that guy?


The wait at immigration is at least 30 minutes.


It is hard to get access to that place.


I thought Lorien told you what you had to do.

I had a tough day.

Stanley was very patient.

Jess wrote down our names.

I must be going now.

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I couldn't answer any of Ole's questions.

He won't be here much longer.

I am going to see the dentist tomorrow.

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You must see a doctor.

I saw Torsten leave the auditorium.

You're awful.

I'd like to see him.

What time is your plane scheduled to leave?

Shall I cook dinner today?

We are afraid that our new address is not registered on your database.

Changes came quickly.

It was a big night.

You aren't really going to go camping with Pierre, are you?

That old cabin is on the left.

Do you think that it's wrong to date a guy who's 8 years older than you?

These thick wool stockings will keep your legs warm.


Especially over the last 20 years, the purported link between progressive welfare policies and economic failure in the Northern European countries seems to point to the difficulty of sustaining both full social welfare and international competitivity.

What kind of person is Soohong?

I'm going to name the baby Cristi.

He's very angry with you.

I can feel it in your touch.

I'm hung over.

Is 2:30 too late?

Hello! I'm a new user.

Each year, twenty-seven million acres of the tropical rainforests are destroyed.


We can proceed.

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It's not backwards.

We are starting to eat.

Gunter is angry with me.

My father being sick, I had to stay home.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

The bus was filled to capacity.

The moon does not shine as brightly as the sun.

The ballots are being counted.

He still has a white vest.

That man is taller than Luc.

When he told me that, I was dumbfounded.

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Over the next fifteen years, architects, planners and community developers will work together to transform 346 acres of industrial wasteland into 6,500 homes, two shopping centres, a marina, a primary school and college, and parkland.

We'd like to climb that mountain.

Dick heard a voice.

What did you think I told her?

It wasn't always easy for Edison to invent new things.

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Marsha has a nice car and lives in a mansion.

Try sounding him out and see if he'll come around.

I'm about the same age as you are.

Did you know about this already?

To edit a sentence, click on the pencil icon.


The next question is for her.

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We were so worried about you.


I'm meeting Leigh for lunch at a restaurant on Park Street.

You said you needed help.

I'm surprised Lars didn't come by car.

Measles can be quite dangerous.

As often happens, he slept right through the lesson.


The door yielded to a strong push.


It's time for Antony to wake up.

In order to enjoy the speech, you need to start by suspending your disbelief.

I was drifting about aimlessly.

That's not how I remember it.

It is sometimes hard to tell right from wrong.

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Has anyone seen it yet?

I hate my neighbors.

Everett sent Michael flowers.

Is it time to end it?

Carpentry and bricklaying are examples of manual labor.


Merat is delighted.

The singer, who is from Okinawa, is very popular among young people.

Part sticks out like a sore thumb.

It seems that Suu and Miriam's relationship is having trouble, but we really hope they work it out.

How long do you need to learn German?

Oh, I almost forgot! Today is garbage disposal day!

She folded up the towels and put them away in the cupboard.


Let the tea sit a while before you drink it.

Today my brother marries my best friend.

They are evacuated to an American field hospital.

I've done what I can.

After a lengthy trial, the woman was sentenced to 5 years in prison for involuntary manslaughter.

You'd better run.

I'm ready for Dan now.


May I speak to Mike, please?

I'm sorry, I have to see off the guests now.

Soohong said he was going to stay up all night.

I beg to modify your proposal.

Krzysztof wanted me to cheat.


Why don't we shake on it?


I discussed it with them.

The Princess came out of the copper castle, and became Queen; and that pleased her very much.

Lorraine doesn't know who to turn to.


Ssi is lying face down on the floor.

I would never die for my beliefs because I might be wrong.

Try on another one.


Kamel put on his swimsuit.

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Stanley earns three times more than me.